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Wherever you are in your journey of faith, we would love to have you join with us as we explore together.
Across our five churches we aim to offer a variety of different styles of worship, so hopefully you will find a place amongst us that enables you to draw closer to God.  The upcoming calendar is below, but here's the sorts of things you'll find:

Communion Services

At the heart of our identity as a Christian Community is the communion service; a disparate people coming together around the table to receive the hospitality of God - not because we deserve it, but because he invites us.  If you regularly receive communion (bread and wine) in any trinitarian church, you are very welcome to do so with us.  (At the moment, for covid reasons, we're only offering bread to the congregation, with the Priest receiving wine on behalf of all those gathered).

Prayer Services

We enjoy a regular pattern of prayer together.  Morning Prayer is said every weekday at 9am: on Mondays that happens at St. John's, Bishop Thornton; and on the 2nd,3rd, and 4th Wednesday of the month at All Saints' Ripley.  Mon-Fri the service is also available online at fb.com/ourfivechurches.

Compline (night prayer) is usually offerend online every day except Fridays and Sundays, at 9pm, on our facebook page: fb.com/ourfivechurches.

Discussion Services

We believe faith grows as it's explored in community, so we have a number of services in our calendar designed to let you join in the conversation.  We have an online Saturday morning discussion service, a celtic morning prayer and discussion service, and a breakfast fellowship service - at which you get to eat and talk!

Online Worship

We offer online worship alongside our physical worship - which can be found on our facebook page.  That usually includes daily Morning Prayer at 9am, Monday-Friday; Compline at 9pm every day except Thursdays; and one of our Sunday services.  We're taking a small break from our online provision for the first couple of weeks of August, but it will all be back after that!

Worship over the 'phone

You can also enjoy recordings of our services from your phone - just dial Harrogate 222470.

Downloadable Calendar

You can now download a handy guide to an 'average' month, should such a thing exist... because it doesn't a great way to stay up to date with exactly what we're up to is to join our newsletter


Table showing times of services in an average month

Facemasks are currently mandatory, and we are encourging people to continue to wear them whilst singing.  Whilst social distancing is no longer mandatory, we do have systems in place to allow those who wish to to be able to.  Our aim is to make everyone feel as safe and welcome as we can.  Our full covid control measures can be found here.

Upcoming Worship