The church has always been a movement of people, it just happens to have for a period used certain buildings at certain times.  We are still those people, the people of God, and we are still called to witness to him in how we live, how we speak, and how we act.  We are still a people of faith, hope, and love, and each of us is still very much open, to the Spirit, and to his activity in the world.
But whilst we continue to 'be' church, we do need to change how we 'do' church for the time being.  It may even be that the things we discover forced upon us serve us so well that we continue in them when the crisis has passed.
We are:
  • livestreaming Morning Prayer Mon-Fri on our Facebook page (fb.com/ourfivechurches), and here on our engage page.
  • enjoying Morning Prayer with discussion at 9am on Saturdays via zoom.
  • On Sunday mornings the eucharist will be celebrated by a priest in our Benefice, on behalf of our benefice.  This Communion service will be livestreamed to our facebook page at 10am, and shortly afterwards be available on the Engage page of this site, and on our telephone catch up line.  
  • We are holding a 10am Wednesday morning communion using the platform Zoom, and now beginning to explore welcoming people back into All Saints' Ripley - if you would like to join us please be in touch for details.
  • We have a local phone number that can be called to listen to recordings of morning prayer, and communion services - 01423 222470.
  • All Saints' Church, Ripley is now open for private prayer through the week.
We would also remind people that there are other easily accessible ways to remain a part of the worshipping part of the church at a distance - for instance:


Our live services will appear here, 10am on Sunday Mornings and stay here through the week.  Morning Prayer should be here at 9am Monday-Friday.
You might find a blank screen saying 'video unavailable' if you arrive here a bit early on a morning, as we move from one video to the next - but refresh around the start time and you should find the live service appears!

Videos of our latest daily morning prayer (Mon-Fri) can be found below.

Sunday Communion 9th August 2020

With apologies for the tecnhical glitch this week, here's the whole service back together in one piece... (just about!)

Morning Prayer 11th August 2020