# Engage
Published by Paul Harford on Tuesday, 17 March 2020 09:02

As more measures come in to help prevent the spread and impact of the novel coronavirus, we are looking at new ways to make sure people can stay as engaged as possible with our faith community.

One way will be to regularly update this space, with reflections and thoughts on the week's readings, published each Sunday morning, with space below for people to comment, respond, and join the conversation.  From 10am each Sunday one or more of our worship leadership team will be actively monitoring the board to answer questions, and engage in the discussion.

Please make use of this space respectfully, prayerfully, and well.

We are also investigating how to record and make available audio and video resources.

For those who are within our parish boundaries, or are existing members of our regular congregations we can also offer the following.

If you are able, and might consider volunteering to help out isolated neighbours by doing a little bit of shopping for them, we can help coordinate that - please sign up here: I'm happy to help others.

If you are isolated, and would like someone to occasionally give you a 'phone call to just to check in and have a bit of a natter, you can let us know here: Isolated, but not forgotten!

God bless,